Pound Sterling (£)


Awarded to the sport’s unsung Hero or Heroine


2014 Bill Traynor Kean & Pete Clarke have worked tirelessly during the last two years at Sywell, Little Gransden, Duxford and now at Telford, helping to run the BMAA Flight Simulator. This has been a major success in drawing attention to the BMAA and gaining new members, and Bill and Pete have made sure it’s up and running at each event, and introduced the public to the joys of virtual flexwing flying.

2013 Gary Oliver. Gary worked very hard helping to build the first BMAA simulator. To expand on that achievement he then arranged with P&M Aviation to build the BMAA a new trike unit on which he has done most of the work, especially as regards developing the electrical system to enable it to simulate as closely as possible the feel of a QuikR flexwing microlight.

2012 Garth Logan - Day to day management of theNPPL licence activity is delegated to approved organisations by the CAA. The BMAA is an approved organisation and as part ofits approval has a responsibility to provide information, guidance and advice to members on matters relating to themedical requirements for NPPL microlight pilots. Dr Garth Logan has filled the role of BMAA Medical Advisor for ten years, the last four unassisted. For no reward he has helped develop the guidance for pilots, helped monitor the system and implement changes for improvement, answered possibly thousands of individual questions and written to many General Practitioners on behalf of members to help them with NPPL medical applications. Recently Garth has helped to select two more NPPL Medical Advisors and has worked with them to maintain a service to members without which the BMAA would not be able to hold the approval.
Garth continues to support the BMAA as an Organisation Medical Advisor taking an oversight role and providing support to his colleagues. Without Garth's entirely voluntary dedicated input there would be many microlight pilots sitting on the ground without a medical and as such the BMAA Council can see no more fitting reward than the Brian Cosgrove Award,"awarded to the sport's unsung Hero or Heroine" to show its appreciation and to say thank you on behalf of the members.
2011 Tom Dawson Tom has organised Fly-UK for many years, a popular event which attracts a broad range of microlight pilots and encourages them to extend their horizons and experience. At the same time this annual rally raises money for the charity Children with Leukemia that has benefited from many thousands of pounds over the years.Tom has inspired and given confidence to BMAA members to go on tour and also to improve their piloting skills. Tom’s dedication to Fly-UK and the hours he spends planning it for the benefit of others is the true spirit of microlighting. (See picture right)
2010  Neville PAYNE for his contribution to Broadmeadows club and flyers

2009  Len TANNER and Malcolm FINCH for their support of the British Microlight Team
2008  Noel ALMS for his work in raising, through his microlight interests, over £100,000 for cancer charities.
2007  Pete SCOTT for his work at the Spamfield event
2006  Rob HUGHES for his work as an FAI Steward, on the BMAA website and his major role in organizing the Sport and Leisure Aviation Show at the NEC in 2006
2005  Paul RISDALE for his work for the Beds and Northampton Club organising events and working as an inspector.
2004  Chris GURNEY of Northrepps “International” at Cromer for his warm welcome and “nothing is too much trouble” attitude to microlight pilots visiting his airfield.
2003  Keith NEGAL for his work with WMC2003.
2002  Steve ELSBURY for his website work for Spamfield, IAE, recovery database etc.
2001  John MOORE for his work organising the “Spamfield” rally on the Isle of Wight.
2000  John MILLS for his work on the Round the Wrekin record attempt and his work with the disabled.
1999  Fiona LUCKHURST and Raymond PROOST for their outstanding work with paraplegics.
1998  Chris ELLIS for his outstanding work in organising the Round Britain Rally
1997  Irene WELLS for her outstanding support to members
1996 Not awarded
1995  Peter LOVEGROVE for his outstanding work for the BMAA

1994  Not awarded

1993  Not awarded
1992  Dick COLQUHOUN for his work on the Landing Area Maps
1991  Derek GRIFFIN
1990  David GARRISON
1989  David YOUNG
1988  Peter KEARSEY
1987  David SIMPSON

1986  Kelvin WOODARD

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