Pound Sterling (£)


This award is within the gift of the BMAA Chairman "For outstanding and heroic personal achievement"

2014 Ed McCallum

Ed McCallum amply fulfilled the requirements for this trophy by flying his CTSW to Oshkosh in Wisconsin and back. The full details of his adventure will be in the new issue of MF, but to give you a brief taster, it seems to have involved a swim in a Greenland Fjord and a meal of whale meat, and managing to spell the names of the airfields in Greenland and northern Canada. The only surprise was that, having got all the way to Oshkosh he couldn’t wait for the Airventure airshow.

2013 Jon Hilton

"I believe this award is deserved because Jon Hilton flew to Canada and back in his CT microlight this year – the first person to do so. It took a great deal of organization and enormous amounts of personal courage. The weather was unpredictable, the chances of rescue if things went wrong were minimal, but he returned unscathed and wrote about it in fine style in the various BMAA publications. He is a great example to others of what can be achieved in microlighting."

2012 Not Awarded

2011  Dave Sykes for his amazing solo journey from Rufforth, England to Newcastle, Australia in a flexwing. Dave is a paraplegic and has completed a journey that no other paraplegic has ever achieved. (pictured right)

2010  Not awarded

2009  Richard Bullock for his flight in a Pegasus XL over the English Channel during the Blériot Anniversary flight
2008 Keir McCartney. Keir saved the life of student pilot Norman Bellwood by providing medical first aid following a microlight accident at Baxby Airfield. The medical services have confirmed that Keir's actions were fundamental in saving Mr. Bellwood's life
2007 Miles Hilton-Barber for his flight to Australia by flexwing microlight. Miles is blind.

2006 Not awarded

2005 Not awarded

2004 Not awarded
2003 The BRITISH MICROLIGHT TEAM for their performance at the FAI World Microlight Championship
2002 John Lloyd and Steve Winter for their flight to the North Cape
2001 Gordon Wilson for his achievement of a PPL (D) despite being disabled following a diving accident and for coping splendidly with an emergency as a low hours pilot
2000 Not awarded
1999 Mrs Heather Good for the way she stood by and supported her husband Phil in his desire to get back into microlighting despite the serious injuries he suffered in an accident in France
1998 Philip Scott, who despite being paralysed, has successfully flown solo in a 2 axis microlight

(Awarded for the first time in1998)



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