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Type Approved Data Sheets

The Type Approved Data Sheets (TADS) now automatically include Mandatory Permit Directives (found at the end of the document if you continue to scroll).

If you wish to see a summary list of MPDs applicable to the aircraft listed below, please click here:

TADS Issue Type
BM1 8 Puma Sprint
BM2 7 Gemini Sprint
BM3 6 Tri-Flyer Sprint
BM4 7 Gemini Flash
BM5 6 Panther XL-S
BM6 7 Shadow Series B
BM7 4 Sirroco 377GB
BM8 4 Hybred 44 XL
BM9 10 Pegasus XL-R
BM10 5 Pegasus Flash
BM11 4 Lazair III
BM12 2 Pipistrelle
BM13 6 Raven 'X'
BM14 9 Gemini Flash 2
BM15 5 Hornet Dual Trainer Raven
BM16 4 Scorcher
BM17 5 Pegasus Flash 2
BM18 5 Raven
BM19 6 Shadow Series BD
BM20 8 Hybred 44 XL 'R'
BM21 3 MW5B Sorcerer
BM22 12 Thruster TST Mk 1
BM23 14 Gemini Flash 2 Alpha
BM24 10 Chevvron 2-32
BM25 6 Pegasus XL-Q
BM26 6 Snowbird Mk IV
BM27 3 Chaser S
BM28 3 Pegasus Photon
BM29 4 Spectrum
BM30 4 MW5 (k) Sorcerer
BM31 3 Chaser S 1000
BM32 3 Raider
BM33 3 Chaser S 508
BM34 9 Thruster T300
BM35 4 Hornet R-ZA
BM36 4 Kestrel
BM37 3 Chaser S 447
BM38 3 Pegasus Quasar
BM39 2 Hornet RS-ZA
BM40 7 Shadow Series C
BM41 7 Shadow Series CD
BM42 2 Pegasus Quasar - TC
BM43 10 Mainair Mercury
BM44 5 Pegasus Quasar 2 TC
BM45 4 Cyclone AX3/503
BM46 14 Pegasus Quantum 15 (Rotax 2-stroke engines)
BM47 11 Mainair Blade
BM48 5 Ultralight Fun 18s GTBis
BM49 4 Mignet HM-1000 Balerit
BM5010   UPDATED Pegasus Quantum 15-912
BM51 5 Mainair Blade 912
BM52 7 Thruster T600 (N) & (T) 390kg
BM53 9 Cyclone AX2000
BM54 4 Mainair Rapier
BM55 6 Shadow Series D & DD
BM56 8 Pegasus Quantum 15-HKS
BM57 4 EclipseR
BM59 2 Rebel SS
BM60 5 Mainair Blade 912S
BM61 3 Thruster T600T 450 582
BM62 3 Thruster T600N 450 JAB
BM63 4 Thruster T600N 450 582
BM64 3 Thruster T600T 450 JAB
BM65 6 Flight Design CT2K
BM66 9 Pegasus Quik
BM67 5 EV-97 teamEurostar UK
BM68 10   UPDATED Ikarus C42
BM69 1 AirBorne Edge XT-912
BM70 4     Quik GT450
BM72 1 Flight Design CTSW
BM73 2 Thruster T600N 430 503
BM74 2 SLA-100 Executive and SLA-80 Executive
BM75 3 Dynamic WT9-UK
BM76 4 Aerochute Dual
BM77 3       QuikR
BM78 1 Bantam B22J
BM79 1 Clipper-100
BM80 2       Quik GTR
BM81 2 PulsR
BM822EV-97 Eurostar SL
BM831Flight Design CTSL
BM841      Sherwood Scout
BM851      EuroFOX
BM861      NewAerochute Hummerchute
BM871      NewHyper GTR
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