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Pilot's Paperwork

Is your paperwork up to date?

At the BMAA we have recently had a rash of occurrences of out of date paperwork leading to difficulties for individuals. These have included examiners who have let their authorityís lapse leading to extreme difficulty for licence applicants. If examiners can let their paperwork get out of date it is likely that pilots can too.

It is the pilotís responsibility to maintain their own documents and failing to do so can have serious consequences. For example a pilot was refused payment by an insurance company because he had let his certificate of revalidation in his licence lapse. It cost him quite a few hundred pounds to repair an aircraft that should have been covered by insurance. This note is a reminder to all pilots to check their documents to avoid potential problems. Go through the list below and make sure that you are up to date, and then perhaps make a note of renewal dates to come and keep it with your log book so that you can check each time you fly.

You: Pilotís Licence. Most are for life, but some older licences issued for SEP flying did have expiry dates.

Medical certification. As you get older the validity period changes. Make a note of your expiry date.

Certificate of revalidation. In the NPPL there is a Certificate page. For pre-NPPL there is a stamp in the logbook. Check the date by which you will need to have had a new signature.

Radio Operatorís Licence. Some of these are for life and some for 5 or 10 years. It says on the licence, so check yours.

Instructors. Your AFI or FI Rating will have to be revalidated by test. Book it well in advance. See guidance in the BMAA Instructor and examiner Guide.

Examiners. Your authority usually lasts for three years, you wonít get reminder. For FEs and FIEs your instructor rating must be valid for your Examiner Authority to be valid. If your instructor rating lapses all your examiner privileges lapse too. Examiner authorities are tied to a school or club. If you move you have to renew your authority. See guidance in the BMAA Instructor and examiner Guide.

Your aircraft: Certificate of Validity for the Permit to Fly. This has a ďvalid toĒ date. You can have your microlight inspected and check flown up to 60 days before the expiry. Donít leave it until the last minute and be caught out or tempted to fly after it has expired.

Weight report. Currently must not be more than five years old.

Radio Station Licence. Latest issues are valid for three years, earlier ones just one year.

Insurance. You might get a reminder from the insurers because they want to sell you another policy, but make sure that you know when it expires, just in case.
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