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BMAA Check Flying System

BMAA Check Flying System

Following the BMAA Check Flying System Seminar in October 2015, and the BMAA Council's subsequent decision to pursue a change to the current Check Flight process, the BMAA Technical Office has completed the initial proposal for consideration by the CAA and submitted it today.

The key changes can be summarised as:

  • accepting check flight reports submitted by any pilot nominated by the aircraft owner, including the owner, who is licensed to fly the aircraft. (Currently only reports of flights flown by BMAA approved and appointed Check Pilots can be accepted)

  • accepting reports of check flights that have been carried out up to 60 days before the accompanying inspection report where the aircraft has a current Certificate of Validity at the time of the check flight. (Currently the check flight can only be carried out after an inspection has been passed)

Geoff Weighell, BMAA CEO, said "It is hoped that there won't be any "show stoppers" and that the proposal will get a speedy thumbs up from the Authority so that we can progress the detail and get the new system up and running early in 2016.

We believe that these changes will address the concerns expressed by those BMAA members who are aircraft owners regarding the difficulties they have faced by being required to use only a limited pool of BMAA authorised check pilots. We also believe that in this new age of delegated responsibility it is right that owners should be able to take a more hands-on approach to the airworthiness of their aircraft".

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